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Publications 2016

  • Busse R (2016): Assessing the benefit of new pharmaceuticals: Are we talking the same language, can we explain disagreement, and would it be better to do it together? (Kopie 1) [1]
  • Aiken LH, Sloane D, Griffiths P, Rafferty AM, Bruyneel L, McHugh M, Maier CB, Moreno-Casbas T, Ball JE, Ausserhofer D, Sermeus W (2016): Nursing skill mix in European hospitals: cross-sectional study of the association with mortality, patient ratings, and [2]
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  • van Ginneken E (2016): Governing competitive insurance market reform: case studies from the Netherlands and Switzerland [18]
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  • Maier B, Behrens S, Busse R, Jonitz G, Schoeller R, Schühen H, Theres H (2016): Patienten mit Herzinfarkt in Berlin [24]
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  • Panteli D, Nolting A, Eckhart H, Kulig M, Busse R (2016): Published and unpublished evidence in coverage decision-making for pharmaceuticals in Europe: existing approaches and way forward [28]
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  • Soonman K, Busse R (2016): South Korea: An interesting case to study [36]
  • Stephani V, Opoku D, Quentin W (2016): A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of mHealth interventions against non-communicable diseases in developing countries [37]
  • Sundmacher L; Busse R (2016): The policy cotribution of the German Health Economic Centres [38]
  • Sutherland JM, Busse R (2016): Canada: Focus on a country's health system with provinical diversity [39]
  • Vogt V (2016): The contribution of locational factors to regional variations in office-based physicians in Germany [40]
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  • Zander B, Aiken L H, Busse R, Rafferty A M, Sermeus W, Bruyneel L (2016): The State of Nursing in the European Union [42]

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