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Publications 2006

  • Busse R (2006): Health economics. Objectives, methodology, relevance - Gesundheitsschutz 49(1): 3-10 [1]
  • Busse R, Schreyögg J, Gericke CA (2006): Financing health in high-income countries. In: Gottret P, Schieber G (eds.) Health Financing Revisited - A Practitioner's Guide. Washington, DC: World Bank, S. 279-310 [2]
  • Busse R, Schreyögg J, Smith P (2006): Editorial: Hospital case payment systems in Europe. Health Care Management Science 9(3): 211-213 [3]
  • Busse R, Zentner A, Schlette S (eds.) (2006): Health Policy Developments Issue 5: Focus on Public-Private Mix, Patient Safety, Public Health. Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers [4]
  • Busse R, Zentner A, Schlette S (eds.) (2006): Health Policy Developments Issue 6: Focus on Evaluation, Continuum of Care, Information Technology. Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers [5]
  • Allin S, Busse R, Dixon A, Figueras J, Mcdaid D, Mossialos E, Nolte E, Rico A, Riesberg A, Thomson S (2006): Health Systems in Transition Template. Copenhagen: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies [6]
  • Auerbach H, Schreyögg J, Busse R (2006): Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Telemedical Devices for Pre-clinical Traffic Accident Emergency Rescue in Germany. Technology and Health Care 14(3): 189-197 [7]
  • Gericke CA, Busse R, Sakowska I, Kuszewski K, Maciag A (2006): [Attempt to exclude invasive cardiology services in Poland – Rationing, national sovereignty and European Union law]. Przegl Epidemiol 60: 323-329 [8]
  • Gericke CA (2006): Financing health care in Egypt: Current issues and options for reform. J Public Health (Berl); 14: 29-36 [9]
  • Gericke CA, Schulte-Herbruggen O, Arendt T, Hellweg R (2006): Chronic alcohol intoxication in rats leads to a strong but transient increase in NGF levels in distinct brain regions.. J Neural Transm. 113(7): 813-20 [10]
  • Grabka M, Schreyögg J, Busse R(2006):The impact of co-payments on patient behavior: evidence from a natural experiment [11]
  • Lange-Lindberg A-M, Velasco Garrido, Busse R (2006): Mistletoe treatments for minimising side effects of anticancer chemotherapy. GMS Health Tech [12]
  • [13]
  • Schreyögg J, Hollmeyer H, Staab D, Bluemel M, Busse R (2006): Hospitalization costs of cystic fibrosis – identifying homogenous cost-groups and determining predictors for cost variation. Pharmacoeconomics 24(10): 999-1009 [14]
  • What makes the difference? Analysing methodologies to determine DRGs in nine European countries [15]
  • Schreyögg J, Tiemann O, Busse R (2006): Cost accounting to determine prices: how well do prices reflect costs in the German DRG-system? Health Care Management Science 9(3): 269-279 [16]
  • Stargardt T, Schreyögg J (2006): The Impact of Cross-reference Pricing on Pharmaceutical Prices – Manufacturers’ Pricing Strategies and Price Regulation, Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 5(4): 235-247 [17]
  • Weinbrenner S, Busse R (2006): Germany. In: Rechel B , Dubois C-A, McKee M (eds.) The Health Care Workforce in Europe – Learning from experience. Copenhagen/ Brussels: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, S. 33-46 [18]
  • Wismar M, Ernst K, Srivastava D, Busse R (2006): Health targets and (good) governance. EuroObserver 8(1): 1-5 [19]
  • Wörz M, Foubister T, Busse R (2006): Access to health care in the EU Member States. EuroObserver 8(2): 1-4 [20]

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