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Payment of hospital specialists

Cooperation project with KCE – Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

Payment of hospital specialists in 10 high-income countries

This project was part of a larger study on the Belgian hospital payment system carried out by KCE (https://kce.fgov.be/). The project aimed to investigate how medical specialists working in hospitals are paid in 10 high-income countries. The results of the project have informed discussions on hospital payment reform in Belgium. In addition to providing background information on financial incentives of different payment systems, and on non-financial incentives influencing motivation of specialists, the project answered the following specific questions: (1) how is the size of payment calculated or negotiated under different payment systems (e.g. service fee, salary, capitation) in a selection of countries; (2) what is the impact of payment systems on the relationship between the hospital management and medical specialists; and (3) how do payment system reforms influence the willingness of specialists to work in hospitals or to shift towards private practice.

The results have been published in the KCE report: Conceptual framework for the reform of the Belgian hospital payment system: https://kce.fgov.be/sites/default/files/page_documents/KCE_229_Hospital%20Financing_Report.pdf





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