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PROMoting Quality

PROMoting Quality: Intersectoral use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures to increase patient-relevant quality of results


Patients are at the focus of medical care. Their view of the treatment process is of central importance. After all, treatments should not only be effective and economical, but also satisfy patients. However, a nationwide and standardised procedure that assesses the success of treatments in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and medical practices from a patient perspective is missing.

The project PROMoting Quality will use the patient-centred survey tool of the "Patient Reported Outcome Measures" (PROMs) to assess the course of treatment when using hip or knee joint prostheses also from a patient perspective. Through an intuitive online solution, those affected are continually asked about their health status before surgery and after discharge. On the one hand, the attending specialist receives regular feedback - so that he can intervene early if necessary and specifically improve the success of the treatment. On the other hand, the patient also has the opportunity to influence his (subsequent) treatment.

The purpose of the evaluation is to show that patients receiving PROMs are better cared for and more satisfied at the end of the study than patients in the control group. The analyses also examine whether the intervention is more cost-effective and estimate the impact of the nationwide application of the new form of care. By combining the results of the PROM surveys with routine data of health insurance companies, the advantages of different treatment methods for the patients can be evaluated.

The project is funded for four years with a total of about 3.5 million euros.

If successful, PROMs can better tailor care to patients' needs and improve overall treatment outcomes.


consortium: Department of Management in Health Care (MiG), TU Berlin

consortium: HRTBT Medical Solutions GmbH; Barmer; BKK umbrella association e.V .; aQua Institute for Applied Quality Promotion GmbH

Funding code: 01NVF18016

Projektwebsite: https://blogs.tu-berlin.de/mig_promotingquality/



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