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Introduction to Intercultural Management

Blockseminar for TU Berlin students of all faculties

This course (in English) is designed for students who want to explore the implications of cultural differences in their professional interactions and personal lives. The objective of the course is to introduce the students to the key concepts in the literature on intercultural management and to enable them to reflect on how their cultural backgrounds affect their perception and behavior in intercultural interactions, with the intention of helping them engage productively in such situations.

Intercultural competence requires an understanding of culture at multiple levels (societal, organizational, professional, etc.) and the ability to reflect on how cultural assumptions and values influence perception and behavior. The course entails grappling with concepts and theories in the literature then applying them to real interactions. A high level of participation is therefore required.

The course is structured in blocks to enable intense work. After an introductory session (2hrs) at the beginning of the semester, you will have several weeks to read the required literature (a reader is provided) and will then meet for a 2.5-day block to discuss the readings in depth. A second block of 2.5 days towards the end of the semester focuses on applying the concepts from the literature to cases.

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