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Miriam Blümel, Diplom Soziologin


Since 05/2008 | PhD candidate at Berlin University of Technology

10/2002 - 02/2008 | Diploma in Sociology at Freie Universität Berlin.


Since 05/2008 | Research Fellow at the Berlin University of Technology's Department of Health Care Management

06/2004 - 01/2008 | Research assistant at the Berlin University of Technology's Department of Health Care

08/2008 - 07/2004 | Research assistant at the Robert-Koch Institute, Department of Federal Health Reporting



Busse R, Blümel M, Ognyanova D (2013): Das deutsche Gesundheitssystem. Akteure, Daten, Analysen. Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft: Berlin.

Blümel M (2013): The German Health Care System, 2013. In: Thomson S, Osborn R, Squires D, Jun M (eds.) International Profiles of Health Care Systems, 2013, The Commonwealth Fund, November 2013, available at: http://www.commonwealthfund.org

Zander B, Blümel M, Busse R (2013): Nurse migration in Europe - Can expectations really be met? Combining qualitative and quantitative data from Germany and eight of its destination and source countries. International Journal of Nursing Studies 2013 Feb;50(2):210-8

Quentin W, Scheller-Kreinsen D, Blümel M, Geissler A, Busse R (2013): Hospital payment based on diagnosis-related groups differs in europe and holds lessons for the United States. Health Aff (Millwood);32(4):713-23. doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2012.0876

Busse R, Blümel M, Stock S (2011): The German Health Care System, 2011. In: Thomson S, Osborn R, Squires D, Reed SJ (eds.) International Profiles of Health Care Systems, 2011, The Commonwealth Fund, November 2011, available at: http://www.commonwealthfund.org

Blümel M, Henschke C (2010): Reform of provider payment in ambulatory care. Health Policy Monitor, available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/de/a16/1

Busse R, Blümel M, Scheller-Kreinsen D, Zentner A (2010): Tackling Chronic Disease in Europe. Strategies, Interventions, and Challenges. Observatory Studies Series No. 20, World Health Organization on behalf of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies: Copenhagen.

Blümel M, Busse R (2009): Disease Management Programs - Time to evaluate. Health Policy Monitor, available at: http://www.hpm.org/survey/de/a13/2.

Scheller-Kreinsen D, Blümel M, Busse R (2009): Chronic disease management in Europe. EuroHealth 15 (1): 1 - 5.

Busse R, Blümel M, Scheller-Kreinsen D, Zentner A (2009): Managing Chronic Disease in Europe. In Securing Europe's Healthcare Future: Chronic Disease Management and Health Technology Assessment, Second Report of the 'Initiative for Sustainable Healthcare Financing in Europe‘, available at: http://www.sustainhealthcare.org/navigation/cox2.html.

Busse R, Zander B, Blümel M (2009): Entwicklung eines zuverlässigen Prognosemodells zur Pflegebedarfsplanung - Registered Nurse Forecasting. Pflegezeitschrift 62 (10): 610-611, available at: http://www.pflegezeitschrift.de/

Busse R, Zander B, Blümel M (2009): Zuverlässige Prognosemodelle zur Bedarfsplanung von Krankenpflegekräften. Die Schwester Der Pfleger 48 (08/09): 735.

Schreyögg J, Hollmeyer H, Blümel M, Staab D, Busse R (2006): Hospitalisation costs of cystic fibrosis. Pharmacoeconomics 24 (10): 999-1009.


Modul Industry: SoSe 2014

Modul Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies: WiSe 2010/11 und WiSe 2011/12

Modul Introduction into Health Care Management: WiSe 2011/2012

Colloquium for Examination: SoSe 2009

Seminar Health Care Management III+IV: SoSe 2009

Advanced Seminar Health Care Management: WiSe 2008/09

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Miriam Blümel