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Helene Eckhardt

Helene Eckhardt

Helene Eckhardt works as a Research Fellow at the Department of Health Care Management since March 2018. Previously she studied economics at the Berlin University of Technology. Her Master’s thesis Helene wrote on pay for quality initiatives in health care, with the title „Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of pay for quality initiatives in high-income countries. A systematic review of reviews”.


Main research interests

  • Health System Performance Assessment
  • Pharmaceutical regulation and pricing
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Quality improvement strategies in health care


List of publications

Panteli, D., Arickx, F., Cleemput, I., Dedet, G., Eckhardt, H., Fogarty, E., Gerkens, S., Henschke, C., Hislop, J., Jommi, C., Kaitelidou, D., Kawalec, P., Keskimäki, I., Kroneman, M., Bastida, J.L., Barros, P.P., Ramsberg, J., Schneider, P., Spillane, S., Vogler, S., Vuorenkoski, L., Kildemoes, H.W., Wouters, O. and Busse, R. (2016a), Pharmaceutical regulation in 15 European countries -review, Health Systems in Transition, Vol 18(5).

Panteli, D., Nolting, A., Eckhardt, H., Kulig, M. and Busse, R. (2016b), “Published and unpublished evidence in coverage decision-making for pharmaceuticals in Europe: existing approaches and way forward”, Health research policy and systems, Vol. 14, p. 6.

Panteli, D., Eckhardt, H., Nolting, A., Busse, R. and Kulig, M. (2015), “From market access to patient access: overview of evidence-based approaches for the reimbursement and pricing of pharmaceuticals in 36 European countries”, Health research policy and systems, Vol. 13, p. 39.


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