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Juliane Winkelmann


Schmidt, A., Winkelmann, J., Leichsenring, K., Rodrigues, R. (2016) Lessons for regulating informal markets and implications for quality – the case of migrant carers in Austria. Ageing & Society, 36(4):741-763.

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Winkelmann, J., Hofmarcher, M., Kovacs, E., Szocska, G. (2013) ‘Cross-border dental care between Austria and HungaryEurohealth Observer 19(4): 28-9.


Congress presentations

10th World Congress in Health Economics (iHEA Dublin, 2014): ‘Make or Buy’ residential care? The outcomes for quality of care in nursing homes, Stream: Quality in long-term care, mit R. Rodrigues und K. Leichsenring, Juli 2014, Dublin.

The European Network for Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet) conference, 2014: ‘Whether to buy long-term care services – market developments in old-age care in selected European countries’ , Stream: Marketization of Welfare and Care, mit R. Rodrigues, K. Leichsenring, September 2014, Oslo.

Foundation for International Social Security Seminar, 2014: ‘Beyond the guest worker agreement – Portability of pension and health insurance for pensioners between Germany and Turkey’, mit M. Fuchs, Juni 2014, Sigtuna, Sweden.

Quality and Safety in Population Health and Healthcare (ISQua) Conferene, 2013, Edinburgh: ‘Outsourcing family care to migrant carers? Lessons for quality improvement in care around-the-clock’, mit A. Schmidt, K. Leichsenring und R. Rodrigues.
‘Improved performance assessment through a Health Data Navigator’, mit M.M. Hofmarcher.

Conference ‘Analysing the political economy of household services in Europe’, LIEPP, Sciences Po Paris: ‘Double standards in regulating migrant care work? - Analysing cleavages in the care labour market in Austria’, mit A. Schmidt und K. Leichsenring, Oktober 2013, Paris.

Final EuroREACH Conference, 2013: ‘Into the Future with the Health Data Navigator?’ Mai 2013, Wien.

Conference ‘Active and healthy ageing in the Czech Republic: From policy to practices’ at the Czech Ministry of Health in Prague, 2013: ‘Active and healthy ageing for better long-term care – a fresh look at innovative practice examples’, mit K. Leichsenring, R. Rodrigues und M. M. Hofmarcher , März 2013, Prag.

International Conference on Challenges for Health and Healthcare in Europe, 2012: ‘Is the grass always greener on the other side? Migrant care workers from Eastern Europe in Austria’ & Dentistry case studies from Austria/Hungary. ECAB project workshop. November 2012, Aalborg University, Dänemark.

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