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Julia Röttger


Since 01.2014 Managing editor of the Journal Health Policy

Since 05.2012 Research fellow at the Berlin University of Technology's Department of Health Care Management

09.2011-04.2012 Research fellow at the University of Bremen, Institute of Public Health and Nursing Science, Department for Health Services Research



09.2009-09.2011 Health Sciences, Master of Science, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

03.2006-08.2009 Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences


Scholarships and Awards

2014 Young Gastein Scholar at the European Health Forum Gastein

2011 Award ‘BKK Innovationspreis Gesundheit 2011’ for the Master-Thesis



Tille F, Röttger J, Gibis B, Busse R, Kohlmey A, Schnitzer S (2018): Patients' perceptions of health system responsiveness in ambulatory care in Germany. Patient Education and Counseling; doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2018.08.020

Röttger J, Blümel M, Linder R, Busse R (2017): Health system responsiveness and chronic disease care - What is the role of disease management programs? An analysis based on cross-sectional survey and administrative claims data. Social Science & Medicine;185:54-62.

Röttger J, Blümel M, Busse R (2017). Selective enrollment in Disease Management Programs for coronary heart disease in Germany – An analysis based on cross-sectional survey and administrative claims data. BMC Health Services Research. 17:246

Röttger, J, Blümel, M, Köppen, J, Busse, R (2016): Forgone care among chronically ill patients in Germany-Results from a cross-sectional survey with 15,565 individuals. Health Policy. DOI: 10.1016/j.healthpol.2016.01.004

Röttger, J, Busse, R (2016): How do chronically ill rate the responsiveness of their ambulatory care by GPs and specialists? Results from a Germany-wide survey. Das Gesundheitswesen. accepted.

Röttger, J, Blümel, M, Engel, S, Grenz-Farenholtz, B, Fuchs, S, Linder, R, Verheyen, F, Busse, R (2015): Exploring Health System Responsiveness in Ambulatory Care and Disease Management and its Relation to Other Dimensions of Health System Performance (RAC) – Study Design and Methodology. in press. Int J Health Policy Manag. 2015; 4: 431-437 doi:10.15171/ijhpm.2015.97

Panteli, D, Augustin, U, Röttger, J, Struckmann, V, Verheyen, F, Wagner, C, Busse, R (2015) Informed consumer or unlucky visitor? A profile of German patients who received dental services abroad. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. early view. DOI: 10.1111/cdoe.12164

Röttger, J, Blümel, M, Fuchs, S, Busse, R (2014) Assessing the responsiveness of chronic disease care - Is the World Health Organization's concept of health system responsiveness applicable? Social Science & Medicine, 113: 87-94.

Wittenbecher, F , Scheller-Kreinsen, D, Röttger, J,  Busse, R (2013) Comparison of hospital costs and length of stay associated with open-mesh, totally extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair, and transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair: An analysis of observational data using propensity score matching. Surgical Endoscopy, 27(4):1326-1333.

Röttger, J, Scheller-Kreinsen, D, Busse, R (2012). Patient-level hospital costs and length of stay after conventional versus minimally invasive total hip replacement: A propensity-matched analysis, Value in Health, 15(8):999-1004.

Hammer A, Ommen O, Röttger J, Pfaff H (2012). The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Social Capital in Hospitals - A Survey of Medical Directors of all German Hospitals. J Public Health Management Practice, 18:175-80.

Scheller-Kreinsen D, Quentin W, Reiche C, Röttger J, Geissler A, Busse R (2012): Technologische Innovationen und DRGs: Ein Vergleich der Vergütungsinstrumente in 11 europäischen Ländern. In: Klauber J, Geraedts M, Friederich J, Wasem J (Ed.)  Krankenhausreport 2012: Schwerpunkt Regionalität, Stuttgart: Schattauer, 259-272


Teaching Experience

Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies (2012-2015, 2018/2019)

Introduction to Health Care Management (2015-2016)




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