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Health Care ManagementGericke CA, Ranson MK, Kurowski C, Mills A (2004): Water works – Appropriate health technology: scaling up. Health Exchange 9 (4): 10-12

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Water works – Appropriate health technology: scaling up

Gericke CA, Ranson MK, Kurowski C, Mills A
Health Exchange 9 (4): 10-12


The World Health Organization Commission on Macroeconomics and Health has recommended a massive global effort to scale up priority health interventions, that is, those known to prevent or treat diseases that account for a significant burden of ill health in developing nations. We have produced a conceptual framework to help policy decision-makers and programme managers consider and overcome the constraints they face in scaling up interventions. The use of a onceptual framework allows us to consider complex health interventions in a consistent way. It must identify all the characteristics that may constrain scaling up while also being general enough to be applicable over a wide range of intervention, from socially marketed products for use at home to tertiary care professional services. Finally, it must  elp identify ways to simplify the intervention. We have identified four dimensions that should be considered:

• Characteristics of the basic intervention;

• Characteristics of delivery;

• Requirements that the interventions imposes on government capacity;

• Usage characteristics.


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