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Health care as an economic driver

Henke K.-D, Mackenthun B, Schreyögg J
Journal of Public Health 12(5): 339-345



Taking the German capital Berlin as an example, the role of the health care sector in terms of employment, revenues and growth is empirically assessed. The article is based on the authors study Gesundheitsmarkt Berlin—Perspektiven für Wachstum und Beschäftigung (Henke et al. 2002) (The Berlin Health Care Market—Growth and Employment Prospects). For this purpose, the authors collected data for the years 1998, 1999 and 2000 on turnovers and employment in the various sectors of the local health care market. Results indicate that 177,781 persons, or almost one out of eight persons, are employed in health-related areas in Berlin, which is more than in the German average. The gross value added of Berlins health care market has been estimated at €6.8 billion, corresponding to 10% of the gross value added of Berlins overall economy in 1999. Health expenditures are estimated at 11.9%, which is higher than the German average at 10.8%. Taking these figures as a basis, suggestions to strengthen and further develop this potential are derived. This article demonstrates that health care can be an important economic factor in the regional context and thus should not only be regarded as a cost factor but should be developed.


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