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Management im GesundheitswesenSedláková D, Hlavacka S, Riesberg A (2004): Major reforms in Slovakia. EuroObserver 6 (3): 7-8

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Major reforms in Slovakia

Sedláková D, Hlavacka S, Riesberg A

EuroObserver 6 (3): 7-8



In the interest of providing a high level of protection from the financial consequences of ill health, as well as promoting equity and efficiency, health systems in Western Europe are predominantly funded from public sources of revenue such as taxation or social health insurance contributions. However, over the last twenty years, levels of private expenditure on health have risen in many EU member states. This is mainly attributed to greater reliance on out-of-pocket payments and, to a lesser degree, increased take-up of private health insurance. This article presents an overview of a recent report prepared for the European Commission examining cost sharing for health services in the European Union. The authors based their analysis on an extensive literature review undertaken at the EU15 country level.

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