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Determinants of hospital costs and performance variation: Methods, models and variables for the EuroDRG project

Street A, Scheller-Kreinsen D, Geissler A, Busse R
Working Papers in Health Policy and Management




Lupe [1]

Empirical studies of variation in hospital costs fall into two camps: those based on analysis of the costs of individual patients and those – the vast majority – that analyse costs reported at the hospital level. In this review, we consider how patient-level and hospital-level data are related and outline approaches to analyzing them. The second part of the review considers general specification choices and methods of efficiency analysis. Moreover, we specify a model to be used in the empirical analyses of the EuroDRG project.

http://opus.kobv.de/tuberlin/volltexte/2010/2661/pdf/10_05_10_WPplaintext_MiG_Band3_mg.pdf [2]

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