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CT-guided Biopsies: Quality, Complications and Impact on Treatment - A Retrospective Initial Quality Control.

De Bucourt M, Busse R, Zada O, Kaschke H, Weiss A, Teichgräber U, Rogalla P, Hein P
RöFo 183(9): 842-8




Purpose: To retrospectively evaluate the quality and complications of CT-guided biopsies and their impact on treatment. Materials and Methods: A total of 265 CT-guided interventions performed during a 6-month period were extracted by digital database query. These included 127 CT-guided biopsies, which were classified by patient age, organ/body area, histopathological biopsy diagnosis, complications, and performing physician. Results: In 51 % of cases (65 / 127), CT-guided biopsies led to a malignant diagnosis and a change in the patient's treatment. Retrospectively, complications were to be expected in a range of 12 - 26 %, given a 95 % confidence interval. In terms of organ/body area, most complications occurred in lung biopsies (23 / 56; 41 %). 80 % of CT-guided biopsies were performed without complications. 2 of the 11 physicians performed 66 % of all biopsies (84 / 127) and had significantly fewer complications than the others. Patient age was a statistically significant factor for complications (p < 0.018) as well as for a malignant biopsy diagnosis (p < 0.009). Conclusion: Our initial quality control assessment suggests that frequent use of CT-guided biopsy by the performing physician rather than the general level of experience is associated with fewer complications for patients. Age is a significant factor for complications of CT-guided biopsies, thus leading to an increased risk/benefit ratio. As expected, age also significantly increases the risk of a malignant biopsy result. Complications and malignant biopsy results were not significantly associated. CT-guided biopsies triggered a change in treatment in over 50 % of cases.

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