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The Health Service Initiative: supporting the construction of a framework for cross-border healthcare

Wismar M, Palm W, van Ginneken E, Busse R, Ernst K, Figueras J
In: Wismar M, Palm W, Figueras J, Ernst K, van Ginneken E (eds.) Cross-Border Healthcare in the EU: Mapping and Analysing Practices and Policies. Copenhagen: WHO on behalf of European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, S. 1-22





This chapter addresses legal uncertainties surrounding cross-border health care as presented by the European Commission in its Communication on a "Consultation regarding Community action on health services" (2006). These legal uncertainties go beyond issues of access to cross-border health care and reimbursement. They raise questions regarding quality and safety of health care, continuity of care, patient information and patients' rights including mechanisms to ensure appropriate remedies and compensation for harm that may arise. The chapters of this book have been conceptualized accordingly. To resolve these legal uncertainties, the European Commission has proposed a broad approach in formulating a legal framework for cross-border care. However, alternatives to this framework exist, which are presented in the subsequent sections of this chapter. This is followed by an overview of the methodologies applied to tackle these issues. Finally, summaries of the subsequent chapters are presented.