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DRG-Systeme in Europa - Anreize, Ziele und Unterschiede in zwölf Ländern.

Geissler A, Scheller-Kreinsen D, Quentin W, Busse R
Bundesgesundheitsbl 55(5): 633–642 (DOI 10.1007/s00103-012-1473-8)




DRG systems were introduced across Europe based on expected transparency and efficiency gains. However, European DRG systems have not been systematically analysed so far. As a consequence little is known about the relative strengths and weaknesses of different DRG systems. The EuroDRG project closed this research and knowledge gap by systematically analysing and comparing the DRG systems of 12 countries with different health systems (Austria, the UK, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden).This article summarizes the results of this analysis illustrating how DRG systems across Europe differ with regard to policy goals, patient classification, data collection, price setting and actual reimbursement. Moreover, it outlines which main challenges arise within and across the different types of DRG systems. The results show that the European DRG systems are very heterogeneous. Even if the basic DRG approach of grouping similar patients remains the same across countries, the design of the main building blocks differs to a great extent.

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