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Slovenia - Health system review

Albreht T, Brinovec RP, Josar D, Poldrugovac M, Kostnapfel T, Zaletel M, Panteli D, Maresso A
Health Systems in Transition, 2016; 18(3):1–165




Slovenia has a well-developed health system with good population health outcomes. Access to health care is also generally good. Despite this, there are persistent disparities in morbidity and mortality between regions and population groups and waiting times for some outpatient specialist services have increased. These present challenges, as do relatively high cancer rates and increasing multi-morbidity linked to population ageing, requiring a strengthening of prevention activities and co-ordination of care. There is also a need to address the funding and provision of long-term care as service users incur large out-of-pocket expenditures and consolidation of eligibility criteria, funding and benefits is overdue.


Another important challenge is how to ensure the future financial stability and sustainability of the health care system through diversifying its funding base. Currently, Slovenia's compulsory health insurance system relies almost exclusively on payroll contributions, making it very susceptible to economic and labour market fluctuations. Overall, the share of out-of-pocket payments, including co-payments, is high. While the latter are buffered by complementary health insurance (CHI) there is some concern that CHI flat-rate premiums are regressive and may become unaffordable for lower income groups. Finally, more efficient use of health care resources needs to be addressed through reform of the purchasing system and provider payment mechanisms, both of which are out-dated and lack incentives for rational reimbursement levels and quality services.


HiT health system reviews are country-based reports that provide a detailed description of a country's health system and of reform and policy initiatives in progress or under development. More up-to-date information on many countries can be found on our Health Systems and Policy Monitor (HSPM).



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