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Canada: Focus on a country's health system with provincial diversity

Sutherland JM, Busse R
Health Policy 120(10); DOI: 10.1016/j.healthpol.2016.06.010




Based on data aggregated from provinces and reported by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Canada is among the highest spenders in health in the world, where spending has eclipsed 200 billion Canadian Dollars, representing over 10% of gross domestic product (GDP) since 2009. Around the average of 6100 Dollars per person in 2015, there were, however, considerable differences in spending between provinces. On one hand, Alberta, a western province, spent almost 7000 Dollars per resident, while Quebec, an eastern French speaking province, spent less than 5700 Dollars, a 20% or 1300 Dollars per person difference (about the same difference aas between Sweden on the higher and Finland on the lower end). For provinces, spending on health is the largest source of expenditures, British Columbia spent 43% of its provincial budget on health care, whil Ontario spent 41% of its budget. 



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