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Reforms to inpatient care in Slovakia

Spranger A, Smatana M, Pažitný P, Kandilaki D, Laktišová M, Palušková M, Sedláková D, van Ginneken E
Eurohealth, Vol. 23, Number 1, 2017
ISSN 1356-1030

The Slovak health system has undergone several episodes of ambitious reforms over the last 15 years. One important area of reform has been the inpatient sector. Acute care beds have been decreased by roughly 30% since the 1990s and are to be decreased further until 2030 as outlined in the Strategic Framework. A Slovenian Diagnosis Related Group (DRG-) based hospital payment is expected to become fully operational by 2022. These reforms also targeted the financial stability of the Slovak inpatient sector that has been characterised by underfunding, recurrent hospital debts and ageing infrastructure.

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